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Weapons are indispensible to hunt for meat or defend oneself effectively against threats like hunters or animals. Projectile weapons naturally require some form of ammunition in order to be of use.


Almost all weapons must be crafted and cannot be looted. Claymores and grenades are the only exceptions and can somewhat regularly be found in storage chests inside hunter bases.

Weapon Index

▼ Bows
Name Crafting Ammo Compatibility Durability (in Shots)
Hunting Bow-icon.png Wooden Bow Inventory Wooden ArrowsPremium ArrowsGrenade Arrows 75 + final breaking shot
Recurve Bow-icon.png Recurve Bow Workbench Wooden ArrowsPremium ArrowsGrenade Arrows 75 + final breaking shot
▼ Guns
Name Crafting Ammo Compatibility Durability (in Shots)
M9 Pistol-icon.png Pistol Inventory Pistol Rounds 120 + final breaking shot
Shotgun-icon.png Shotgun Inventory Shotgun Shells 60 + final breaking shot
Revolver-icon.png Revolver Inventory Revolver Rounds 70 + final breaking shot
Rifle-icon.png Rifle Inventory Rifle Rounds 60 + final breaking shot
Double-Barrel Shotgun-icon.png Double-Barrel Shotgun Workbench Shotgun ShellsShotgun Slugs 60 + final breaking shot
▼ Explosives
Name Crafting Ammo Compatibility Durability
Molotov Cocktail-icon.png Molotov Cocktail Workbench single-use
Grenade-icon.png Grenade Workbench single-use
Claymore-icon.png Claymore Workbench single-use
Breaching Charge-icon.png Breaching Charge Workbench single-use
BCU Cracker-icon.png BCU Cracker Lathe single-use
▼ Tools
Name Crafting Ammo Compatibility Durability
Steel Head Axe-icon.png Axe Inventory ?
Pick Axe-icon.png Pick Axe Inventory ?
Hammer-icon.png Hammer Inventory ?

Stats and Upgrades

On Subsistence Wiki we indicate a base weapon with a 000. This shows that the weapon has not been upgraded. A weapon can be upgraded using the Workbench under the Upgrade tab. These upgrades have a cost in Crafting Materials, Power, and Mass.

For weapons there are 3 upgrades available: File:Firepower button-icon.png Firepower, File:Clip Size button-icon.png Clip Size, and File:Reload Speed button-icon.png Reload Speed. They can be upgraded a total of 4 times, showing their respective buttons on the icon.

Example: File:Revolver 100-icon.png

Revolver (Example weapon)
Firepower Clip Size Reload Speed
Revolver 100 Revolver 010 Revolver 001
Revolver 200 Revolver 020 Revolver 002
Revolver 300 Revolver 030 Revolver 003
Revolver 400 Revolver 040 Revolver 004

This means that a fully upgraded weapon will be referred as 444 with every combination in between.