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Welcome to the Subsistence Wiki THINGS TO DO for editors of all caliber and know-how. Whether they are just starting out or know their way around a bit, this is the place to visit on a regular basis. Your contributions and willingness to "get your hands dirty" help make the wiki a better place for everyone!

Most of the pages referenced below are called Special Pages and can be accessed directly from the link in the left-hand menu (shown from every page). Help yourself and if you have any questions look to our Contributors' Corner for communication.

Cleanup Maintenance

Editors may not always have a project (or two or three) they are currently working on, or may not always have a lot of time.

Doing some cleanup work around the wiki helps everyone keep things tidy and neat, and with many hands makes these tasks seem less work than one person alone!


Redirects which link to non-existent pages. They need to be corrected or deleted.
Redirects which link to other redirect pages. They should be changed to point to the actual page intended.
Dead end pages are those which have no reference to any other page on the wiki. They are pages where someone can wind up by following a link only to discover minimal information.
(Orphaned Pages) are pages which are not linked from or transcluded into other pages. They often lack wiki formatting and need help.

More advanced editors may decide to busy themselves with a different kind of cleanup, unused files, categories and templates (only if the editor has knowledge of templates and works with them on this wiki). Sometimes things get moved, links removed from pages during editing, or other things and in these cases they become "unused". Cleaning this section up should happen once in a while, as it can take up space, feel disorganized, and just cluttered.


Or If you are interested in doing some organizing, files, adding content, deleting pages (with appropriate permissions) there's a little something for everyone!


Check our Guidelines page for formatting and other helpful hints.
Check our Images and Icons guideline section for helpful information.
Possibly hand-in-hand with the above Wanted Files or also check for spelling (file name) errors.
Only for those editors familiar with our categories and organization within this wiki!
Only for those with template experience and previous admin approval to work on creating new ones)!


Article creation and editing is essential to the growth of our wiki, however an editor may not know all the information needed for a page or may not know the formatting and that's ok. (HINT: Check out our Help and Guidelines pages for details).

We encourage editors to create articles and manage them with Stubs. Stubs are templates like {{Stubs/Content}} that are placed at the top of articles that help let us know what needs attention by placing them in categories. To see what the different stubs are and how they work see: Help:Stubs

Category Links for easy access