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We at Subsistence Wiki would like to welcome all new contributors!
Subsistence Wiki is where we would like to create a place for those dedicated to helping others in the game and who want to participate in making this a haven for anyone who is lost or seeking knowledge about the game of Subsistence.
Our mission is to create a site that is both informative and pleasing to the eye. We take pride in our work and hope that all who join us in this endeavor feel the same. To find out how you can help us, check out our Help page.

We are currently maintaining 270 articles!


Discord (Preferred place of communication)

Use the Subsistence Wiki Chat on Discord:
From the Discord App or browser
Discord is available as a download; or use straight in a browser window; as well as an app on your cell. It acts as both chat service as well as voice chat, plus it's free!
Note: Make sure when you sign into the Subsistence Wiki discord that you change your nickname to what your username is here on the wiki! That way we know who you are and can assign the appropriate roles! Thanks!

Community Discussions

Our Contributors' Corner

  • This is a place for us to chat and discuss the site.
  • You can easily access this page at any time by clicking on the Contributors' Corner link near the top of the left hand column on every page.
  • If you are a novice to wiki, notice the top-left Discussion tab, next to our logo. This is called "discussion" page and every article has its own.
  • At this page's discussion page you can ask questions and/or discuss general issues concerning Subsistence Wiki as a whole.
To comment on an existing topic, simply click the "[Edit]" phrase to the right of any topic or at the top right of the page.

Other Discussion Pages

  • Discussions regarding a specific article should be directed to its discussion (tab) page.
  • To message another user, click on their discussion page to leave them a message.
Note that when an entry is made on a User's Discussion page, they will be presented with a "banner" alerting them to the fact that their Discussion page has been modified with a comment the next time they login or refresh a page while editing.
  • Please sign and date your post (by typing --~~~~!

How to Help

These links will help you find ways to become involved. Start with the Help page!

  • Help - The place to start, always accessible from the upper left corner of any Subsistence Wiki page!
  • Projects - A place to help organize and coordinate with other editors on specific areas of our wiki that needs to be improved.
  • Guidelines - These are a basic set of rules and guides to help achieve formatting and content consistency.
  • Things to do - When you are limited on time or not sure what you can do to help visit our "Things to Do."

Meet our Contributors

Click on the different links below to meet those who contribute to Subsistence Wiki, whether just beginning or a founding member.
  • Users covers everyone with an account here on Subsistence Wiki.
  • Administrators are editors who have shown wiki prowess and know-how, also have shown leadership qualities and a willingness to make this wiki a great place!