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Hunters are the player's primary antagonists. They will always react with lethal aggression if the player ventures too close to them.

Base Hunters

Base hunters or simply hunters move into the world three days after placing one's BCU. They will build their own bases and defend the area around it. Killing an entire base hunter squad allows the player to break into their base and loot the content of all their base devices (woodburner, workbench, refinery, fridge, oven) and storage chests.

Rogue Hunters

Rogue hunters or simply rogues form groups of usually three to five men. They will only build campfires and defend the area around it. They are iconically shirtless, but will increase their armour every few deaths inflicted by the player until they are equipped with combat helmets and combat vests (underneath which they always remain shirtless).

There are three rogue camps in the world at any given time in random locations. At midnight, they have a 50% chance of staying for another day (respawning at midnight when killed) or moving elsewhere on the map. If they move after sustaining a player's attack, there will be no revenge attack, regardless of settings. If they stay, they will revenge attack unless hunter options are set to "No Attacks".

Cave Hunters

Cave hunters (also cave rogues, mining hunters, or simply miners) form groups of usually three men, patrolling the underwater caves underneath Pine Forest Lake and Birchwood Lake. They will only build campfires and defend the area around it. Mining hunters are by far the most lethal hunters, armoured with iconic blue mining helmets and combat vestes (underneath which they are always shirtless like rogue hunters) and equipped with recurve bows and double-barrel shotguns.

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