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Ammunition is necessary to arm weapons in order to defend onself against (or indeed consciously hunt) animals or hunters.


Ammunition can be found inside loot containers (ammo crates, locked crates, hunter base loot crates, and hunter backpacks) as well as within the storage chests or workbenches inside hunter bases.

Ammunition Index

▼ Arrows
Name Crafting Weapon Compatibility
Arrows Wooden Arrows Inventory Wooden BowRecurve Bow
Arrows (Premium) Premium Arrows Workbench Wooden BowRecurve Bow
Grenade-Tipped Arrows Grenade Arrows Workbench Wooden BowRecurve Bow

▼ Bullets
Name Crafting Weapon Compatibility
9mm Rounds Pistol Rounds Inventory Pistol
.44 Rounds Revolver Rounds Inventory Revolver
Shotgun Shells Shotgun Shells Inventory ShotgunDouble-Barrel Shotgun
Shotgun Slugs Shotgun Slugs Inventory Double-Barrel Shotgun
Rifle Rounds Rifle Rounds Inventory RifleLever-Action Rifle
Incendiary Rounds Incendiary Rounds Inventory Lever-Action Rifle