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As you make your way through the world of Subsistence you will find many things that will threaten your life.


The following Animals are found wandering in the world.


Hunters only appear three days after a character has placed their Base Command Unit.

  • Hunters will create a base and will defend the area around it.
  • If you defeat all of the hunters from a base, you can break in and take their loot if any is available.
  • If you get to close to hunters, they will defend themselves.


Rogues are different than Hunters in the following ways:

  • Rogue camps will move to different locations all over the map every few days.
  • You can identify rogues by the fact they do not wear shirts.
  • The only thing Rogues build is a campfire and will defend the area around it.

Other Threats

The only other threats you have to worry about are other players and yourself. This is a Co-op PvE game, but you can still hurt your allies with weapons as well as hurting yourself by running off ledges to take falling damage as well as drowning in water.