Water Canteen (Snow)

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Water Canteen (Snow)-icon.png Water Canteen (Snow)
Filled with snow. Heat on fire to melt into water.
Protein: 0
Fruit-Veg: 0
Hunger: 0
Hydration: 0

Water Canteens with snow are no source of Hydration. Snow can be added to the Canteen when right clicking on a Water Canteen when standing on the snow. This can be the snow of the mountains or the snow which covers the ground during winter.

General Information

Snow cannot be used for getting hydration, but will automatically melt into Water_Canteen_(Dirty) when the player is in a warm environment.

Unlike the dirty water, the snow can also not be used in the Plant Bed to water crops or in the Animal Housing.


Placing a Water Canteen filled with snow into a Campfire or WoodBurner will boil the water and produce a Purified Water Canteen. This takes approximately 38 seconds.


The Water Canteen Recipe can be crafted under the Tool Crafting Tab inside your inventory using the Water Canteen Recipe.

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