Bottle of Water

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Bottle of Water-icon.png Bottle of Water
Fresh water. Maintains hydration levels.
Protein: 0
Fruit-Veg: 0
Hunger: 0
Hydration: +29


Bottle of Water can be found in Loot crates. It can also be collected from a Wellhead.


Bottles of Water cannot be crafted, but instead can be collected from a Wellhead.

Wellhead can be found in a Workbench crafting station.

To make a Wellhead you'll need the following:

Protein:  ChickenFish SteakLiverPorkProtein BarRabbitSalmon FilletSteakTree Grub
Vitamins:  ApplesBlueberriesCarrotsHoneyKelpMushroomsOnionsPotatoesRosehip BerriesStrawberriesTomatoes
Water:  Purified WaterBerry WaterMineral WaterDirty Water • (Snow)

Fried Dishes:  Hash BrownsLiver and OnionsSteak and EggsHoney-Glazed Pork and Sauteed Vegetables
Boiled Dishes:  Boiled EggsMashed PotatoTomato SoupChicken StewMixed Berry JamChutney
Baked Dishes:  Fish PieRabbit CasseroleRoast Chicken and VegetablesRoast Ribs and Vegetables