Water Canteen (Purified)

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Water Canteen (Purified)-icon.png Water Canteen (Purified)
Full with purified water.
Protein: 0
Fruit-Veg: 0
Hunger: 0
Hydration: +35

Water Canteens with purified water are an excellent source of Hydration. Purified water comes from placing a dirty water canteen into a Campfire or WoodBurner boiling it until it is purified.

General Information

Purified water is the preferred means of getting hydration.

Another option for purified water is to use it in your Plant Bed to water crops, or in your Animal Housing to hydrate your Animals. The only real benefit to both these options is Purified water provides more hydration than its lesser [[Water Canteen (Dirty)}Dirty water]] counterpart.


The Water Canteen Recipe can be crafted under the Tool Crafting Tab inside your inventory using the Water Canteen Recipe.

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