Water Canteen (Dirty)

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Water Canteen (Dirty)-icon.png Water Canteen (Dirty)
Full with dirty water. Boil on a fire to purify.
Protein: 0
Fruit-Veg: 0
Hunger: 0
Hydration: +22

Water Canteens with dirty water are a poor source of Hydration. Dirty water comes from right clicking on a Water Canteen when standing in water, or when Water Canteen (Snow) melted in the inventory of the player.

General Information

Water Canteen Dirty RClick.jpg

Dirty water can be used as a fast means of getting hydration, although it's not as beneficial as purified water and there is a possibility that your player will become Infected.jpg Infected by drinking it.

Another option for dirty water is to use it in your Plant Bed to water crops, or in your Animal Housing to hydrate your Animals.


Placing a Water Canteen filled with dirty water into a Campfire or WoodBurner will boil the water and produce a Purified Water Canteen.


The Water Canteen Recipe can be crafted under the Tool-icon.png Tool Crafting Tab inside your inventory using the Water Canteen Recipe.

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Vitamins:  ApplesBlueberriesCarrotsHoneyKelpMushroomsOnionsPotatoesRosehip BerriesStrawberriesTomatoes
Water:  Purified WaterBerry WaterMineral WaterDirty Water • (Snow)

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