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Steak comes from many different Animals in game:

The higher level the animal the more resources; like meat, you'll get from it. These creatures can be much harder to kill, so be warned!


Cooking takes finesse and timing - eating raw meat is not recommended. Use a Campfire or WoodBurner to prepare your meat to perfection, but be careful not to leave it on the fire too long and wander off, otherwise you will burn your food!

Steak Protein Fruit/Veg Hunger Hydration
Steak (Raw) +12 +1 +10 -5
Steak (Medium) +20 +2 +15 -5
Steak (Cooked) +29 +3 +24 -5
Steak (Burnt) +4 0 +3 -6

Protein:  ChickenFish SteakLiverPorkProtein BarRabbitSalmon FilletSteakTree Grub
Vitamins:  ApplesBlueberriesCarrotsHoneyKelpMushroomsOnionsPotatoesRosehip BerriesStrawberriesTomatoes
Water:  Purified WaterBerry WaterMineral WaterDirty Water • (Snow)

Fried Dishes:  Hash BrownsLiver and OnionsSteak and EggsHoney-Glazed Pork and Sauteed Vegetables
Boiled Dishes:  Boiled EggsMashed PotatoTomato SoupChicken StewMixed Berry JamChutney
Baked Dishes:  Fish PieRabbit CasseroleRoast Chicken and VegetablesRoast Ribs and Vegetables