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Gathering is an essential part of surviving in Subsistence. Several different types of resources exist and provide Materials for players to use in Recipes.

Ore Nodes

Ore-tastic is a well-know rock structure that provides many ore nodes

The following are the different types of ore nodes found in the wilds.


Various trees in the landscape

Various flora provide both material and sustenance.


Locked crate

There are also containers, also known as Loot crates found throughout the landscape. It's known that these containers may be temporary but we are not sure when and if ColdGames will remove them from the game.

Other Resources

Containers:  Ammo ContainersBuilding Supplies ContainersMedicinal ContainersSpecialty Containers
Plants:  BlueberriesCarrotsCottonFibersKelpMedicinal PlantsMushroomsOnionsPotatoesStrawberriesTrees
Ores:  Copper OreIron OrePhosphate OrePotassium OreSandstone OreZinc OreCrystal OreCoal
Other:  Scrap