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Various trees
Various trees

There are several types of trees found in the world.


Tree that has wood
Tree that has no more wood left

Trees act differently in Subsistence.

When harvesting a tree with an Steel head axe you do not chop down the tree nor does it fall over or disappear but instead the tree remains. A tree can be harvested twice in a day cycle and can be harvested by multiple players. Trees in subsistence will allow you to harvest 3, 4 or 6 logs depending on what type of tree you are harvesting from.

A white circle indicates it has Logs remaining to harvest and a white circle with a red X indicates the tree has no more wood to harvest.

Catching Logs

By default logs are not automatically stored in your inventory and will fall to the ground. You can pick one up with your use button while looking at a log. If you practice, you can do this while your chopping the tree as they initially fly out.

This can be turned off in the options so logs will automatically go to your inventory. Under Options -> Gameplay just check Auto log pickups. In a Co-op game, all players will be set to what the host has configured.

There are now also Grub Trees that once harvested gives Tree Grubs on the last (6th) round of Logs.


Trees produce Logs which can be used in various crafting items.


Grub Tree

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