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A guideline is generally a set of standards and formatting that we follow on this wiki. All content that has a guideline as reference should be edited until it meets those definitions. Exceptions can be made but must be brought up before deviating from our guidelines.

General Guidelines

Article Naming

  • Articles in reference to any game content should be named as they appear in-game. This includes both spelling and capitalization.
  • All other article names should not be capitalized (beyond the first word). This rule applies to things like Game terms and Helpful guides.

Images and Icons

  • All Icons must be in the .png format set to 120x120px (Ex: Item icons).
    • All names for icons should be the exact name of the item it represents with -icon attached to the end of that name.
  • All Images should be in the .jpg format.
    • All images should be named either as it is named in game for items, otherwise named for what the image shows.
    • Exception: Images that are set to transparent backgrounds regardless of size should be .png format.
  • No images in the .gif (animated) format.


  • Only the first occurrence of a word in an article or section (separated by headers) should be a link. A second link is acceptable in some situations, but more than that is generally not recommended.
  • When writing content for articles, stick to the third person plural by using works like "they". In some situations such as detailed instructions, using the singular "you" is also acceptable. Never use "I"m since the information on the wiki should not be your opinion but facts or proven by many to be true.

Content Removal

  • If you feel like a page should be deleted or a section of text removed please use the stub: {{Stub/Delete}} and leave a short explanation of why that page should be deleted on that page's Discussion page tab.

Specific Content Guidelines