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Welcome to the Subsistence HELP! page.

We are here to help those in need, whether you are a wiki beginner or just looking to see how we do things here on Subsistence Wiki.

For those who have never worked on a wiki before and would like to learn how. Once you become familiar with wiki code and save this link as reference, move on to the editing section below!

Wiki Introduction

The nuances of wiki editing and advance guides that cover most of what we do here:

Wiki Editing

Basics of editing wiki's and how we manage things:

Wiki Advanced Editing

More advanced wiki concepts and subjects found here. These guides should be tackled by editors who have been around awhile and understand the basics of wiki markup. Feel free to ask questions on our talk pages or in Discord:

Wiki Guidelines

For Subsistence Wiki guidelines; like formatting, page layout, and other things of that nature:

Wiki Introduction:  IntroductionArticle CreationCategorization
Editing Help:  EditingStubsImagesTables
Advanced Help:  Advanced EditingTemplatesJavascript