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  Note: If you do not know what templates are or how the write the code please contact an admin on Discord
  This is an advanced editing tool for editors and used with caution and is both tested and approved before creating a "live" version.

What is it?

Templates are standard wiki pages whose content is designed to be transcluded (embedded) inside other pages. Templates follow a convention that the name is prefixed with Template:, assigning it to that namespace. This template page can be used once, on multiple article pages, or used by other templates.

An easy template example is a welcome message for new users:

Written on a user talk page as:
Will display as:
Welcome to Subsistence Wiki! We hope you find our Help section useful in beginning your journey as one of our editors! Please make sure to join us on Discord where we collaborate and help with ideas and answer questions.

When viewing a template page, the template code will be invisible and only information provided detailing what the template is about and showing a possible clean copy (for more detailed templates that require fields or parameters to fill in will be shown. (Note: this information should use the <noinclude> ... </noinclude> tags to surround that information as templates are transcluded onto other pages.

Common Templates

There are many different ways to use templates whether for simple messages like the welcome template above to more complex templates that require information to be filled in.

Navigation Templates

Navigation box templates are used at the bottom of articles that share a commonality and provide links to all related articles for easy navigation.

Article Management Templates

Templates in this category are used to flag pages for further action; including explanation, deletion, or updating. These will create a message box at the location they are inserted into the page, and will add that page to the relevant category.

Main Templates

These templates are used as a main template for most pages on the wiki. They may or may not have parameters that require information to be filled in and provide the article with a formatted box.

NOTE: See Category:Templates for all our templates.


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