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Game Guides
Before you startGetting startedGuide to buildingGuide to weaponsGuide to threatsGuide to base defenseGame Terms

Game Guides are a place for players to help out other players by writing their own guides and how-to's about the game of Subsistence.

This is a great place to explore what the game may not initially tell you, some things will be obvious, but some things may not be and that's where this section comes in handy!

If you don't see a guide listed here and feel it's needed or would like to create one, feel free to discuss it here!

Basic Guides

  • Before you start - Menu choices and other things to know before beginning a game.
  • Getting started - A guide about how to begin and where to go from there.
  • Game Terms - Language and terms you may not be familiar with that are common for this game.

More Guides