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The following guides are meant to the perfect the player's knowledge of Subsistence, given that a lot of information is never (explicitly or implicitly) revealed to the player.

Basic Guides

Before You Start

Menu choices and other things to know before beginning a game.

Game Terms

Core game language and frequent or established terminology.


Animal HP

Difficulty Mode Differences

Weapon Firepower

Weapon Repair Costs (Hunters Disabled)

Weapon Repair Costs (Hunters Enabled)

Weapon Upgrade Costs

Gameplay Guides

Getting Started

How to begin and where to go from there.


About crucial and unexplained BCU mechanics.


How to build a base and other structures.


About weapons and which to select for any given purpose.


About hunting and killing or defending oneself against animals and hunters.

Base Defence

About fending off hunter attacks most effectively.

Game Guides
Basic Guides:Before You Start • Game Terms
Datasheets:Animal HP • Difficulty Mode Differences • Weapon Firepower • Weapon Repair Costs (Hunters Disabled) • Weapon Repair Costs (Hunters Enabled) • Weapon Upgrade Costs
Gameplay Guides:Getting Started • Building • Weapons • Threats • Base Defence