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Tool Index

▼ Crafting
Name Crafting
Sticks-icon.png Sticks Inventory
Wooden Planks-icon.png Wooden Planks Inventory
Cordage-icon.png Cordage Inventory
Rope-icon.png Rope Inventory
Cloth-icon.png Cloth Inventory
Padded Cloth-icon.png Padded Cloth Inventory

▼ Warmth
Name Crafting
Campfire-icon.png Campfire Inventory
Fire Starting Kit-icon.png Fire Starting Kit Inventory
Fuel Brick-icon.png Fuel Brick Inventory

▼ Hunting
Name Crafting
Fishing Rod-icon.png Fishing Rod Inventory
Fishing Tackle-icon.png Fishing Tackle Inventory
Fish Trap-icon.png Fish Trap Inventory
Animal Trap-icon.png Animal Trap Inventory

▼ Building
Name Crafting
Hammer-icon.png Hammer Inventory

▼ Other
Name Crafting
Water Canteen-icon.png Water Canteen Inventory