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It's a dangerous world in Subsistence. It's smart to start building shelter as soon as you are able to as it will protect you from the wildlife in early stages and other threats like hunters and later on.


Building Crafting Tab
Recipe Item
Base Command Unit-icon.png Base Command Unit Recipe Base Command Unit
Storage Crate-icon.png Storage Crate Recipe Storage Crate
Wood Foundation-icon.png Wood Foundation Recipe Wood Foundation
Wood Wall-icon.png Wood Wall Recipe Wood Wall
Wood Ceiling-icon.png Wood Ceiling Recipe Wood Ceiling
File:Wood Stairs-icon.png Wood Stairs Recipe Wood Stairs
Roof-icon.png Roof Recipe Roof
Wood Door-icon.png Wood Door Recipe Wood Door
Glass Window-icon.png Glass Window Recipe Glass Window
Glass Wall-icon.png Glass Wall Recipe Glass Wall
Glass Ceiling-icon.png Glass Ceiling Recipe Glass Ceiling
Glass Roof-icon.png Glass Roof Recipe Glass Roof
Railings-icon.png Railings Recipe Railings


For helpful tips and designs on how to build in subsistence check out the Builder's Guide.


'Add your pictures here of your building creations!' Use [[File:File name.jpg|300px|short description]]