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WEAPON Entry Leftover

On Subsistence Wiki we indicate a base weapon with a 000. This shows that the weapon has not been upgraded. A weapon can be upgraded using the Workbench under the Upgrade tab. These upgrades have a cost in Crafting Materials, Power, and Mass.

For weapons there are 3 upgrades available: File:Firepower button-icon.png Firepower, File:Clip Size button-icon.png Clip Size, and File:Reload Speed button-icon.png Reload Speed. They can be upgraded a total of 4 times, showing their respective buttons on the icon.

Example: File:Revolver 100-icon.png

Revolver (Example weapon)
Firepower Clip Size Reload Speed
Revolver 100 Revolver 010 Revolver 001
Revolver 200 Revolver 020 Revolver 002
Revolver 300 Revolver 030 Revolver 003
Revolver 400 Revolver 040 Revolver 004

This means that a fully upgraded weapon will be referred as 444 with every combination in between.

FOOD Entry Leftover

Plant Bed

Food and Water are a vital part of your character's survival. The main needs of your character are Protein, Fruit/Veg, Hunger, and Hydration.

At this time, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Onions and Carrots can be grown for sustenance, the rest must be looted within the environment.

Fruits and Vegetables (Veg) are eaten raw. Meats and Fish can be eaten raw but provide much better quality when cooked on either a Campfire or WoodBurner, but be careful to not be like OhnoCoho and burn your food. ;-)

Be aware that Meats of any kind (Fish, Steak, Liver, Chicken, or Rabbit) will spoil after a set period of time and become Rotten Meat.

Behaviors and Effects of Food and Hunger

Hungry Some effects of running out of food and hunger are:

  • Low Protein, Fruit/Veg, and/or Water means stamina will not regenerate.
  • Low Hunger and/or Hydration (or no bar left) means you will start taking damage and eventually die.

Much of the cooked food can only be eaten if the player is hungry enough. The player's Hunger bar bar needs to accommodate at least one-third of the satiation provided by the meal.

CRAFTING Entry Leftover

Crafting Guide

The different ways of crafting (inventory, BCU, others) ...

Crafting Materials
Both resources (raw materials) and crafting materials (obtained from crafting themselves) can be used to craft other items, building pieces, or devices.

Power and Mass