Medicine and Chemistry

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Mastery of medicine and chemisty is an essential skill to ensure the player's prolonged survival by allowing them to regenerate and protect their health and stamina as well as defend themselves against extreme seasons and hostile weather or even animals like bees.


The player is able to craft all available complex medicine themselves. Most basic medicinal ingredients can be obtained from gathering, hunting, or fishing. Certain items can also be obtained from health crates, from storage chests inside hunter bases, and from hunter backpacks.

Medicine & Chemistry Index

▼ First Aid
Name Crafting
Bandage Inventory
Splint Inventory
Health Kit Inventory
Adrenaline Boost Inventory
Strength Boost Inventory
Heat Pack Inventory
Insect Repellent Inventory
Antidote Inventory

▼ Ingredients & Essences
Name Crafting
Medicinal Herbs
Biofuel InventoryWoodburner
Rotten Food
Fish Oil
Medicinal Tonic Inventory
Alcohol Distiller

▼ Other
Name Crafting
Adhesive Inventory