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Chicken-icon.png Chicken
Can be domesticated. Will lay one egg for each level after lvl 2.
Butchering will yield: 1x Low Grade Chicken Meat, 2x Feathers



Chickens are animals found wandering the wild. They are skittish and will run away if you get to close to them. Though it is possible to give chase and catch them, that is a difficult task to accomplish.

Hint: It's easier to catch a chicken if it gets trapped against an obstacle and you can then corner it.


There are a couple ways to acquire these furry little creatures, either way whether full health or injured uou can pick these up and place them into Animal Housing and domesticate them.

Deft hands

If you are lucky enough to catch one you may find them waiting for you in your inventory:

However, it is more likely that they will run to a Wolf or Bear as there is an unspoken alliance between them. The predators will not eat them if they will lead unsuspecting players into their jaws.


Another way to "catch" a Chicken is to shoot it with your Hunting Bow. This often kills the creature, however on rare occasion shooting them with an Arrow will only injure them instead.

Domesticated Chicken information

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