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The inventory screen consists of the player's actual inventory storage, a crafting section, and a clothing section, and the player's toolbelt.

35-Slot inventory storage
Crafting section
Clothing section
8-Slot toolbelt


The inventory proper, the storage section of the inventory screen, consists of thirty-five slots and thus provides expansive space to carry manifold items. While the inventory size is never expandable, the space provided for up to thirty-five (stacks of) items (in combination with the eight additional slots provided by the toolbelt) will almost always be enough to accommodate an in-game day's worth of loot and kill without running out of space. Problems will usually only arise due to a sudden unforeseen plethora of loot (such as when coming upon a locked crate) after an already successful looting tour.


The toolbelt section of the inventory screen gives direct access to eight items and allows for quick exchange between them (via customizable toolbelt keys or mousewheel rotation).


The clothing section of the inventory screen provides six clothing slots for pieces from the five clothing groups (headwear, upper body (outer), upper body (inner), lower body, and footwear) as well as the overall armour rating and temperature tolerance provided by one's current set of clothing.


The crafting section of the inventory screen offers the most basic and indispensible (though still quite numerous) crafting recipes:

Tab Items / Recipes
Weapon-icon.png Pick Axe-icon.png Steel Head Axe-icon.png Hunting Bow-icon.png M9 Pistol-icon.png Shotgun-icon.png Revolver-icon.png Rifle-icon.png Glow Stick-icon.png
Tool-icon.png Water Canteen-icon.png Sticks-icon.png Wooden Planks-icon.png Cordage-icon.png Campfire-icon.png Fire Starting Kit-icon.png Fishing Rod-icon.png Fishing Tackle-icon.png Hammer-icon.png Animal Trap-icon.png Fish Trap-icon.png Rope-icon.png Fuel Brick-icon.png Cloth-icon.png Padded Cloth-icon.png
Building-icon.png BCU-icon.png Storage Crate-icon.png Wood Foundation-icon.pngWood Foundation (Curved)-icon.png Wood Foundation Stairs-icon.png Wood Foundation Stairs (Half)-icon.png Wood Wall-icon.png Wood Doorway-icon.png Wood Window-icon.png 50px 50px Wood Wall (Quarter)-icon.png Wood Wall (Curved)-icon.png Wood Window (Curved)-icon.png 50px Wood Ceiling-icon.png Wood Ceiling (Half)-icon.png Wood Ceiling (Quarter)-icon.png Wood Ceiling (Curved)-icon.png Ladder Hatch-icon.png 50px 50px Roof-icon.png Roof (Slanted)-icon.png Roof (Curved)-icon.png Wood Door-icon.png Glass Door-icon.png Glass Window-icon.png Glass Window (Curved)-icon.png Glass Wall-icon.png Glass Doorway-icon.png 50px 50px Glass Wall (Quarter)-icon.png Glass Wall (Slanted)-icon.png 50px 50px 50px Glass Wall (Curved)-icon.png 50px Glass Ceiling-icon.png Glass Ceiling (Half)-icon.png Glass Ceiling (Quarter)-icon.png Glass Ceiling (Curved)-icon.png Glass Roof-icon.png Glass Roof (Slanted)-icon.png Glass Roof (Curved)-icon.png Railings-icon.png Railings (Half)-icon.png Railings (Curved)-icon.png Railings (Stairs)-icon.png Rug-icon.png
Ammunition-icon.png Arrows-icon.png 9mm Rounds-icon.png Shotgun Shells-icon.png Shotgun Slugs-icon.png Rifle Rounds-icon.png .44 Rounds-icon.png
First Aid-icon.png Bandage-icon.png Splint-icon.png Health Kit-icon.png Adrenaline Boost-icon.png Heat Pack-icon.png Insect Repellent-icon.png Medicinal Tonic-icon.png Basic Antidote-icon.png Biofuel-icon.png Adhesive-icon.png
Clothing-icon.png Light-weight T-shirt-icon.png Medium-weight T-shirt-icon.png Heavy-duty T-shirt-icon.png Sweater-icon.png Light Pants-icon.png Medium Pants-icon.png Heavy-duty Pants-icon.png Leather Boots-icon.png Winter Jacket-icon.png Combat Helmet-icon.png Combat Vest-icon.png

Further Information

  • Provided at least one free slot, it is possible to shiftclick items between the inventory proper and the toolbelt.
  • Since there is one more clothing slot available than currently usable, speculations about the eventual introduction of a sixth clothing group (filling a gap in the existing system, such as a balaklava/face-mask or bullet-proof undergarment) have arisen.