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Health reflects the player's life and ability to sustain injuries from animal or hunter attacks and at least temporarily tolerate the consequences of harmful or reckless behaviour (such as falling from great heights or suffering from malnutrition or freezing). Losing all their health will result in the player's death.

Stamina reflects the player's ability to run for an extended amount of time. Depleting all their stamina will force the player to move at walking speed. However (with the obvious exception of emergencies), it is generally advisable and, with experience, possible to intermittently walk and run in a manner preventing noticeable decreases of the stamina bar throughout the day altogether.


Provided sufficient nutrition levels, health and stamina are gradually regained. While not allowed to run in order to recover stamina, the player can still walk, swim, dive, gather wood, and generally continue working on personal tasks.

As a metabolic consequence of healing or prolonged running, nutrition levels (protein, fruit/vegetables, satiation, hydration) will drop proportionately to the amount of health/stamina lost and regained. Conversely, the lower the player's nutrition levels, the slower their health/stamina will recharge. Maintaining health and stamina (and the capacity to regain either) while out in the wilderness is therefore paramount to assure one's ability to engage in fights with or run from threats.

Health kits and adrenaline boosts can be used to regain large ammounts of health or stamina with immediate effect and independent from one's nutrition level.

Health Kit
Adrenaline Boost


Players start with a specific amount of max health points (HP) and max stamina points (SP) which differs across difficulty modes (90 on Easy, 80 on Normal, 65 on Hardcore). Small red and blue progress bars under the HP and SP meters visually indicate the player's progress towards gaining an additional point for these values.

HP and SP bars with little progress bars
HP and SP bars with very developed progress bars

Different food items and dishes boost these progress bars: while basic food offers very little increase, more elaborate dishes (cooked at the oven) add substantial boosts. Each time either progress bar reachs the end of its meter, the corresponding stat will gain one full point. The current max HP/SP cap is 125.

Max HP gain notification
Max SP gain notification

This system puts great emphasis on farming crops, raising animals, and cooking high-quality dishes in order to instill in the player a sense of gaining physical strength and agility by learning to live and eat well and healthy. (It makes sense, for example, that a hot homemade tomato soup is more beneficial to one's wellness than a handful of raw kelp straight out of a pond).

Losses / Penalties

Dying will immediately reduce the player's max HP/SP (–2 on Easy, –4 on Normal, –6 on Hardcore), while untreated/prolonged infection will immediately limit their available max HP/SP (to 60 on Easy, to 55 on Normal, to 40 on Hardcore). Moreover, suffering from an infection or freezing will, for as long as those states persist, gradually undo achieved max HP/SP gains (visually indicated by shrinking progress bars).

Further Information

  • Switching from Normal or Hardcore to Easy with a constitution of less than 90 max health/stamina will raise both to the Easy default of 90. Switching from Easy to Normal with a constitution of 90 (or more) max health/stamina will, however, not lower them to the Normal default of 80. In conjunction, these mechanisms can obviously be exploited.

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